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The client

Liquigas, sister company to our client Calor, is Italy’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  During a visit to Calor in the UK, senior managers from Liquigas were impressed by the outstanding success of the Virada training. Calor recommended our services and Liquigas got in touch immediately.

The challenge

Milan-based Liquigas was going through a cultural change programme.  It was moving towards a more commercial focus and establishing new customer service centres.  Liquigas staff throughout Italy would be moving into more service-focused roles.  As in Calor, existing skills and standards were already high.  Training needed to develop approaches and ways of thinking that would make customers even more satisfied.

The solution

We searched for and found Italians trainers who worked to the same high standard as our UK team.  We then created customer service training based on our UK course yet adapted for the Italian market.  We fine-tuned the design until it was perfect.

We then complemented this training by creating a “service to sales” course for Liquigas.  The aim was to help agents take control of the call by adopting an even more proactive approach to solving problems, handling price and reassuring customers.

We didn’t stop there.  We also trained the management teams across Italy so that they could support learning and get the most out of their customer service staff.

The result

Customer satisfaction scores in the annual Liquigas survey rose significantly over the first year of training.  Verbal feedback suggests customers continue to be delighted with the service.

Even as numerous competitors vie for customers, the Liquigas business is thriving.

Liquigas is very happy with the way we embraced the Italian culture and pulled out all the stops to resource their training.  Our relationship with them continues to flourish.


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