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Course outline

It costs about five times as much to gain a customer as it does to keep one. However, keeping the customer who’s frustrated, upset, angry and difficult to manage isn’t easy. For staff, it can be a real challenge, leading to a loss of motivation and productivity.

When a customer gets ‘difficult’, staff often take it personally, lose confidence, retaliate or become indifferent.  None of this helps them, the customer or your business. A better way is to change perspective on the word ‘difficult’ and to have a completely different view about the challenging customer interaction.

On this course, delegates learn:

  • Defining ‘difficult’ behaviour and understanding their impact
  • The different kinds of ‘difficult’ behaviour – what customers really need
  • Tips for creating the most effective mindset for managing challenging behaviour
  • ‘Triggers’ – what they are and how to avoid them
  • Words that create a negative spiral and words that get things on track
  • Ways for you AND the customer to feel in control
  • How to show empathy and apologise so the customer stops in their tracks
  • Creative problem solving and reassuring even the most upset customer
  • How to proactively manage the call right to the end and how to keep the customer

This course will develop the skills of anyone who already understands how to provide good customer service, but who’d like to explore ways to manage more challenging customer interactions.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about this course. If it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, talk to us so we can advise on a course to suit you.


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