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Course outline

Research shows that on average it now takes 14 or 15 viewings before a property sale is agreed; up from 7 or 8 just a few years ago. With all this time being invested, anything an agent can do make viewings more effective could speed up the sales cycle and make a major difference to top line results.

It’s important to give customers what they want: a feeling that the agent is taking a genuine interest in them and that the viewing process is more than just a lacklustre property pitch.

Agents who can truly understand the buying decision process of their applicants and create a more customer-focused viewing experience are more likely to build trust, achieve the sale and become the agency of choice.

On this course, delegates learn:

  • To plan for a personalised viewing
  • Ways to achieve a positive start by creating rapport and trust
  • About connecting with the applicant’s decision-making process
  • How to avoid the trap of the generic ‘property pitch’; creating a focused, two-way dialogue
  • Different approaches to presenting the property; using words that work and words that don’t
  • About helping the applicant to visualise the property as their own
  • How to find out what the applicant is really thinking
  • Tips on handling objections and reassuring the applicant
  • Ways to manage expectations and help the applicant to make decisions
  • To build on and act on buying signals and secure a sale

This course is perfect for agencies wanting to make their people and the customer experience, a point of real difference. It’s relevant for any agent who’d like to create a more personalised, authentic and customer-focused approach to viewings.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about this course. If it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, talk to us so we can advise on a course to suit you.


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