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It takes a whole team to create perfection

The moment a Virada trainer stands up to deliver a course for your people is the fruition of weeks of behind-the-scenes work by our dedicated team.

It’s like a West End show.  Planning, teamwork and sheer graft beforehand are what create the impression of effortless magic when the curtain goes up.

To ensure the quality of every course, the directors get involved throughout the planning and creative stages.  They also keep an eye on logistics so that you can rest assured everything will go smoothly on the day.

Find out more about the operations team, the creative director and the managing director.

Planning for training success

Once a training course is booked, we brief the team on the client’s objectives, the size of the project, timescales and other important factors.  We draft a plan, assign roles and agree the quality measures.

Key to training success is having the right trainers for the right project; with the right background, credibility and expertise.  We brief them at an early stage to help them to deliver their magic for you on the day.

Creating innovative solutions

It often amazes people to learn about how much time and effort we put into thinking creatively about how to make the training work.  Every minute of the course is planned to get the best effect. We love a challenge and use our experience, creativity and can-do approach to create buy-in of the delegates and get impressive results for our clients.

The production story

On any given day, we might be running courses in Barcelona, Milan, London, Newcastle… and a small village in Somerset.  Getting the logistics right requires a process that’s 100% perfect.

Here are just some of the things we stay on top of as the show’s about to open:

Materials checked for quality

Correct items packed in boxes

Boxes couriered to venue

Venue contacted and receipt confirmed

Trainer prepared and set to arrive early

As one of our team says: ‘We never cut corners: Ever!’

Well prepared delivery

So the course is prepared, the materials are with the client and in the meantime, the trainers are perfecting their delivery so when they do stand up in front of the delegates, it looks as many clients say ‘effortless’.

The magical team

The dedication to creating the perfect course is as a result of the magic of all our team.

That’s why 96% of our delegates rate Virada training as very good or excellent.

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