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Three National Training Awards

Based on:

  • Evidence of significant ROI 
  • Quality of the training design
  • Demonstration of overcoming challenges
  • Feedback from delegates and customers

Return of investment from sales training programmes

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Project aim

This client is in a competitive market. The challenge was: What can be done to keep their people developing and the business growing.


An example of just one innovative programme:

  • Interviews with all salespeople and their managers
  • Use of psychometric assessments
  • Observations of customer interactions
  • Design and delivery of a bespoke sales programme
  • Creation of programmes for support teams
  • Development of audio programme
  • Video production –  interviews with top performers
  • Coaching for each manager and salesperson
  • Creation of content

Significant and outstanding results and their best-ever year. This led to many years of support through innovative approaches to development across the whole business.

Project aim

This business is the largest in its industry in the UK and it wanted to: further build on its reputation, enhance the customer experience across all parts of the business and reflect the quality of the brand, whilst increasing sales.


We created a comprehensive training programme which consisted of:

  • E-learning – for sales teams
  • Blended training across all parts of the business
  • Video and audio learning approaches
  • Video demonstrating best practice
  • Training for managers of sales and service teams
  • Workshop for the Board of Directors

The results after the programme showed significant and outstanding results and their best-ever year. This led to many years of support through innovative approaches to development across the whole business.

Project aim

This leading business is a London and international residential specialist providing homes for sale and to-let. Tough economic times and fierce competition meant that our client needed, more than ever before, to differentiate itself.


We conducted ‘mystery customer’ research, observed customer interactions and spoke with staff to establish training needs. The result was:

  • A modular training programme for 240 staff
  • Three courses for the agents – Six days of training
  • Courses for support teams
  • Recordings of role-play of sales interactions provided for the agents
  • Creation of audio and video learning

Courses were held in a ‘virtual flat’ that we created by refurbishing derelict space above one of their offices. This brought the training dramatically to life.

  • Sales fees rose by 22%
  • Lettings fees by 30%
  • A financial return that was triple the investment
  • Results exceeding by a large margin the growth in the property market over the one-year training period
  • Our client was thrilled with the positive and authentic way to sell to and provide service to customers

This client has been renowned for generations as a maker of sophisticated writing instruments and has developed into a diversified luxury brand, a true Maison for writing instruments, watches, jewellery, leather goods and accessories. The brand combines design, tradition and craftsmanship. With an international presence, there are 638 exclusive boutiques in many countries.


Virada had already been a provider of training for our client’s UK sales teams. The UK sales results were so impressive that they saw an opportunity to expand this success globally across the organisation.
Virada was asked to create a unified, global sales training programme that would replicate the success of the UK training across all the other countries.


We developed a sales training and a train-the-trainer programme which would:

  • Recognise and cater for the diversity of cultures across the business
  • Ensure consistency of the sales approach throughout the world
  • Be relevant for multi-cultural teams and customers
  • Support the global image of the brand
  • Make an impact even in different languages
  • Achieve consistency of training delivery for throughout the world

The programme was rolled-out internationally by the trainers we’d trained.


Within The Head of the Training Academy and Training Manager reported:

  • The training course design perfectly meets our high expectations
  • We’ve had great feedback from the trainings we’ve delivered in America
  • Your training is world-class
  • The training was recently delivered in Argentina. It was effortless and it all went perfectly
  • Your training is right for our brand – it’s world class

Our results were so outstanding that the client asked us to create additional courses to complement and consolidate the sales training. This included: Leadership, coaching and sales observations, Customer relationship management, selling limited editions and networking.

Project aim

This company is Italy’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). During a visit to Calor, in the UK, senior managers from Liquigas were impressed by the outstanding success of the Virada training. Calor recommended our services and Liquigas got in touch immediately.


Milan-based, the business was going through a cultural change programme and moving towards a more commercial focus and establishing new customer service centres. Staff throughout Italy would be moving into more service-focused roles. Training needed to develop approaches and ways of thinking that would make customers even more satisfied.


We created customer service training based on our UK course yet adapted for the Italian market. We fine-tuned the design until it was perfect.
We then complemented this training by creating a “service to sales” course. The aim was to help agents take control of the call by adopting an even more proactive approach to solving problems, handling price and reassuring customers.
We didn’t stop there. We also trained the management teams across Italy so that they could support learning and get the most out of their customer service staff.
Our client was incredibly happy with the way we embraced the Italian culture and pulled out all the stops to resource their training and provide them with the tools to continue.


Customer satisfaction scores in the annual Liquigas survey rose significantly.
Even as many competitors vied for customers, the business thrived.


This business is a leading company for ‘kitchen facelifts’, providing customers with the opportunity to transform their kitchen without the cost and upheaval of a full replacement.
It runs through a national network of franchises and the sales interaction takes place in the customer’s home.


Our client was keen to recruit, support and retain franchisees. Many hadn’t previously worked in sales and were anxious about investing in the business. Some worried that they might have to be ‘pushy’. Most didn’t have the funds to invest in their own sales training.
To reassure potential new franchisees, our client asked Virada to create training based on a sales approach that was ethical, structured,and adaptable to all levels of experience.
The approach needed to be suitable for selling to customers in their own homes and ensure good conversion rates even for people new to selling.


Mindful of the varying levels of experience of the Dream Doors franchisees, we designed training that:

  • Introduced an authentic approach to selling
  • Was easy for new people to learn and implement
  • Related to delegates’ real-life situations
  • Included practical approaches for immediate application
  • Sales in the year of the training significantly exceeded the previous year’s figure by 27%

Additional profits generated by the training equated to double the investment

  • The training increased franchisee recruitment and retention
  • Customers have noticed the difference too
  • Sales continued to grow and in some franchises, proved record-breaking.

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