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Two decades of experience
to share with you

Businesses designed training for
Businesses which have sent attendees to our open seminars
People trained in-classroom over 20 years
National Training Awards won
Countries trained in


Innovative and flexible training solutions

Launching soon - online, video-based courses, to be screened anytime, anywhere for your teams


Our extensive research and knowledge on sales and service - available for you

To develop a team of top performers, the ‘specifics’ matter.  It’s important to quantify exactly what makes the difference in the customer interaction, whether this is on the phone, face-to-face or in writing.

EVERYTHING counts: structure, positioning, words, questions, six different voice aspects, specific body language (even on the phone) and much, much more…

How we know what helps or hinders the customer interaction:

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Interviews with teams and their managers
  • Observations of 100’s of sales and service interactions
  • Listening to 100’s of sales and service calls
  • Mystery shopping/mystery calls
  • Reviews of written communications to customers
  • Our own knowledge, studies and successes
  • Results of our training programmes


Training approaches that work

Deciding on a training provider isn’t always easy.

The choices and considerations can be overwhelming. We get it.
That’s why we want to help you understand what sets us apart.

Common problems with training provision
Virada’s approach
Irrelevant theory or content
Practical, relevant approaches - easy to transfer to the job
Outdated approaches
Up-to-date approaches that work for today’s reality
Unproven approaches
Proven award-winning approaches and successful ROI
Surface-level learning
Learning has depth, allowing the right amount of time for the topic
Thought-provoking content and inspiring delivery
Overlooks key ‘mindsets’
Essential ‘mindsets’ development included in learning to get longer term change
Managers left without support
Training support for managers is provided


Training created and presented by Sales and Customer Service experts

  • Thirty years of knowledge and expertise
  • Delivered by experts
  • Maximum credibility with learners
  • Real understanding of day-to-day life of sales and service teams
  • All this is translated into training created for your organisation


Training success and multiple awards

It’s great that people enjoy training courses, but it’s important that results are achieved, whatever that might be for the client.

You can be reassured by:

  • Three national training awards
  • Increased sales for our clients
  • Return-on-investment for our clients
  • Positive feedback about our courses
  • Our reputation as an expert training provider

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