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Selling for today's customers
Doesn't feel
like selling

Access our decades of research and insights into what creates top sales performers

There are eleven key qualities needed to become a top sales performer and with the right training, these qualities can be developed.

Top sales performers are often left to get on with sales, but investing in their development can pay real dividends.

With mid or low performers, there will be a multitude of reasons why their results are as they are. We can share our insights, to raise sales performance across your team.

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Sales and buying psychology
Effortless sales conversations


Connecting with customers
Engaging, trust, credibility


Everything counts
Mindsets, body, voice, words


The art of questions
Focused, conversational


Perfecting presentations
Introducing and personalising


Helping with indecision
Natural, multi-level approach


Six types of objections
Building reassurance


Creating the sale
Developing trust and loyalty

Customised for your industry, your organisation, your people.

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Contact Centres


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40+ industries

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Public Sector ◆ Opticians ◆ Spas ◆ Telecommunications ◆ Tourism ◆Trade Associations ◆ Travel  Utilities ◆ VeterinaryWholesale

Choose how your people learn

Video-based training

Engaging, on-demand, self-paced
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Audio-based training

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Training through the learners’ ears
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In-person training

Classroom delivery, virtual webinar, speaking or 1-1 coaching

One-to-one coaching for sales teams - a laser focused approach

A focused coaching approach can be one of the most motivating and productive development activities. It can be part of a broader sales training programme or to develop additional qualities for sales success. 

One-to-one or small group coaching can be provided for:

  • Team Members and Team Leaders
  • Line Managers and Senior Managers

The results of this unique approach can be outstanding.

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Examples of people's sales increases

Additional sales
£ 142 K
Biggest sale of career day after the course
£ 175 K
Individual gross profit rise
102 %
Revenue increase
101 %
Number of items sold increase
141 %
Average price of sale increase
110 %
Individual gross profit increase
102 %
Increased conversion rate
20 %
Conversion rate jump
75 %

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