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EVERYTHING counts...

To interact with today’s customers, requires a number of qualities including: resilience, emotional control, confidence, assertiveness and flexibility of thinking. And there are other the skills too. EVERYTHING COUNTS. The nuances are endless; one thought, one word, or even silence can make a service interaction succeed or fail.

The problem is most customer service courses lack the depth needed to build these skills. Our course, incorporates a focus on the all-important mindset and also, communication psychology. This ensures a deeper understanding about what really does create a customer interaction that’s grounded, authentic and effective for all parties.

The ULTIMATE Customer Service Course

If we ask someone in a customer service role, what is their biggest challenge is, the answer is normally ‘handling difficult customers’. However, in our experience, EVERYTHING counts in the customer interaction and often it’s the early part of the interaction that makes a big difference. 

Everything contributes: mindsets, six aspects of voice, every word, the quality of each response – even silence.

To get the very best results from customer service training; from new people, to experienced, we recommend our ULTIMATE Customer Service course. This is just one of our customer service courses.

Here is the agenda for our ULTIMATE customer service course:

  • 1

    Customer service today – what it’s really all about

    Customers today; the good parts and the challenges.

    Life today; service challenges and what customers REALLY need.

    Mindsets for service success – what makes the difference.

  • 2

    The key to managing today’s service interactions

    The key to feeling and being in control.

    The repeat theme – the need for ‘a human touch’.

    How to achieve ‘personalisation’ for the customer and for you.

  • 3

    All the small things that make a big difference

    Structure and managing the interaction; by phone, face-to-face and remotely.

    The impact of body language; even when you’re on the phone.

    Using six aspects of your voice to greatest effect.

  • 4

    Words that help or hinder – the good, the bad and the ugly

    Seven language habits; single words that make a customer's reactions worse.

    Positive and pro active language that really helps.

    How to break ‘word’ habits.

  • 5

    How to create trust and calmness

    How to be in control, yet enable the customer to feel in control.

    Listening habits (what’s yours?) and three levels of listening.

    Demonstrating empathy, validation and understanding.

  • 6

    Presenting your solutions

    Presenting solutions in a positive, initiative-taking and personalised way.

    How to sound authentic, real, natural and focused.

    Dealing with a ‘no’ response and how to say ‘no’ to the customer.

  • 7

    Best practice complaint-handling

    Myths about complaint handling.

    How NOT to apologise; how to perfect an apology.

    Handling complaint challenges and ‘I want to speak to a manager’.

  • 8

    Transforming service challenges into a win/win

    Understanding different customers’ approaches and reactions.

    Developing resilience, self-control, and confidence.

    Best practice follow-up tips.

  • 9

    Developing the relationship

    Managing next stage objections.

    Best practice; ‘say it in writing’ and email tips.

    Building rapport and long term-business.

More training for sales people

We have plenty of other topics relevant for customer service people and their managers.

Here are some examples:

  • More about handling difficult customers
  • Language of influence
  • Perfecting your written message – emails and the rest
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Service to sales
  • Personal development

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