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A flavour of training available for managers

Teams can have great training and feel excited about what they’ve learned. However, research and our experience tell us that it’s the skills of the manager who mainly makes the difference between success and failure of most training programmes.

EVERYTHING the manager does counts: communication about training, set-up, follow through, style of day-to-day communication, feedback and support, coaching and of course – role modelling.

Our training for managers is aimed at developing this and more, to create credible, confident developers of their teams.

We have no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to supporting managers. So, talk to us about your managers and we’ll come up with the best recommendations for you.

Here are some training topics that we provide for managers:

Our training: 

  • Is available for all levels of skill
  • Develops new ways of thinking
  • Has depth and credibility
  • Is based on proven and successful approaches
  • Comes with a choice of delivery options
  • Preparing to get the best team performance after training

  • Different leadership approaches – do you know yours?

  • Three leadership approaches in practice

  • Engaging with your team – why, what and how

  • Role modelling – a close look in the mirror

  • Monitoring the team’s progress with customer interactions

  • Developing team’s awareness, understanding, confidence and commitment

  • Two types of feedback and best practice response approaches

  • Feedback – managing different reactions and keeping on track

  • Coaching level 1 - The fundamentals and the skills

  • Coaching level 2 - Managing typical coaching scenarios

  • Coaching level 3 - Building the four qualities for top performance

More training for managers

We have plenty of other topics relevant for managers.

Here are some examples:

  • Leading your team
  • Assertive communication
  • Developing your service team
  • Developing your sales team
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Training skills
  • Personal development

If you're looking for something different, let us know.

Find out about our management training delivery options

Online, video-based management courses

Launching soon - Train your managers using our online, video-based management courses. These on-demand courses give total flexibility for your people.

virada virtual

Virtual trainer-led support

Enable your management team to have some training via webinar.

Virada In-Person delivery

In-person delivery for small groups, presentations for larger groups or speaker for your events.

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