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The ULTIMATE sales course

If we ask a sales person what is their biggest sales challenge, the answers are normally ‘Objection-handling’, ‘Customer indecision’ or ‘Closing the sale’. However, EVERYTHING counts in the sales interaction and often it’s the early part of the sale that makes a big difference.

Everything contributes: mindsets, six aspects of voice, every word, the quality of each question – even silence.

To get the best results from sales training; from new to experienced people, we recommend our ULTIMATE sales course. This is just one of our sales courses.

Here is the agenda for our ULTIMATE sales course:

Our training: 

  • Is available for all levels of skill
  • Develops new ways of thinking
  • Has depth and credibility
  • Is based on proven and successful approaches
  • Comes with a choice of delivery options
  • 1

    Understanding sales today, buying and sales psychology

    Selling today and how it’s changed.

    Mindsets for sales success.

    Buying and sales psychology -why it’s important.

  • 2

    Engaging with today’s customers

    How to be natural, credible and ‘human’ .

    Structure and managing the interaction; by phone, face-to-face, remotely.

    How to be in control yet enable the customer to feel in control.

  • 3

    Developing awareness about ‘everything impacts’

    The impact of body language; even when you’re on the phone.

    Using six aspects of your voice.

    Seven language habits; words that work.

  • 4

    Exploring needs and using focused questions

    ‘Positioning’ the questions and why it’s so important.

    Questions to get a full picture.

    Advanced listening and building awareness.

  • 5

    Perfecting your presentation skills

    Presenting two key elements: you and your company.

    Presenting using personalisation.

    Bringing a presentation to life; keeping the customer fully engaged.

  • 6

    Helping the customer with their decision-making

    Why ‘multi-level’ questions are key.

    Using pace, voice and advanced listening.

    Helping the customer to overcome indecision.

  • 7

    Handling objections and reassuring the customer

    Pondering and product objections.

    Person and provider objections.

    Price and discount objections.

  • 8

    Creating and developing the sale

    How to make the customer feel as though they’re buying.

    Bringing confidence and focus.

    Creating a positive end to the interaction; moving to the next stage.

  • 9

    Developing the relationship

    Managing next stage objections.

    Best practice; ‘say it in writing’ and email tips.

    Building rapport and long-term business.

More training for sales people

We have plenty of other topics relevant for salespeople and their managers.

Here are some examples:

  • Customer service for today’s customers
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Language of influence
  • Presenting yourself
  • Perfecting your written message
  • Personal development

If you're looking for something different, let us know.

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