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EVERYTHING counts...

When selling to today’s customers, EVERYTHING COUNTS: mindsets, words, voice, questions, silence, pace and so, so much more. The nuances are endless.

It’s VITAL to be an exceptional communicator. Even many top salespeople aren’t at this level yet and aren’t reaching their true potential. The problem is: most sales courses lack the depth needed to build those skills.

Virada’s ULTIMATE sales training, course revolutionises thinking about how selling really should be.

The ULTIMATE sales course

If we ask a sales person what is their biggest sales challenge, the answers are normally ‘Objection-handling’, ‘Customer indecision’ or ‘Closing the sale’. However, EVERYTHING counts in the sales interaction and often it’s the early part of the sale that makes a big difference.

Everything contributes: mindsets, six aspects of voice, every word, the quality of each question – even silence.

To get the best results from sales training; from new to experienced people, we recommend our ULTIMATE sales course. This is just one of our sales courses.

Here is the agenda for our ULTIMATE sales course:

  • 1

    Understanding sales today, buying and sales psychology

    Selling today and how it’s changed.

    Mindsets for sales success.

    Buying and sales psychology -why it’s important.

  • 2

    Engaging with today’s customers

    How to be natural, credible and ‘human’ .

    Structure and managing the interaction; by phone, face-to-face, remotely.

    How to be in control yet enable the customer to feel in control.

  • 3

    Developing awareness about ‘everything impacts’

    The impact of body language; even when you’re on the phone.

    Using six aspects of your voice.

    Seven language habits; words that work.

  • 4

    Exploring needs and using focused questions

    ‘Positioning’ the questions and why it’s so important.

    Questions to get a full picture.

    Advanced listening and building awareness.

  • 5

    Perfecting your presentation skills

    Presenting two key elements: you and your company.

    Presenting using personalisation.

    Bringing a presentation to life; keeping the customer fully engaged.

  • 6

    Helping the customer with their decision-making

    Why ‘multi-level’ questions are key.

    Using pace, voice and advanced listening.

    Helping the customer to overcome indecision.

  • 7

    Handling objections and reassuring the customer

    Pondering and product objections.

    Person and provider objections.

    Price and discount objections.

  • 8

    Creating and developing the sale

    How to make the customer feel as though they’re buying.

    Bringing confidence and focus.

    Creating a positive end to the interaction; moving to the next stage.

  • 9

    Developing the relationship

    Managing next stage objections.

    Best practice; ‘say it in writing’ and email tips.

    Building rapport and long-term business .

More training for sales people

We have plenty of other topics relevant for salespeople and their managers. Here are some examples:

  • Customer service for today’s customers
  • Handling difficult customers
  • Language of influence
  • Presenting yourself
  • Perfecting your written message
  • Personal development

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