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Business results for our clients

Virada training consistently demonstrates its worth to clients who expect a real return on their training investment. Here are a few results achieved from our training, as described by our clients.

Our company’s sales are well up for the year and it’s all down to your training. The number of items sold increased significantly:

  • One of our sales people increased their average sale by 92%
  • Another increased their revenue by 101%
  • Another increased the number of items they sold by 145%

In the first year of the training, our sales increased by 27%.

The week after the training, we doubled our sales compared to the same day the previous year.

£576,295 extra sales as a result of the training! This sales training programme is one of the most worthwhile initiatives we’ve ever carried out.

In the year of the training, the sales in our two divisions increased by 22% and 30%. This is an outstanding achievement.

By training the sales teams, we increased revenue by £330K.

Sales conversions have increased by 8%.

We achieved an increased call conversion rate of 4%.

Great increases in customer satisfaction as shown by the customer service survey.

Brilliant feedback: a real winner! The training has increased our customer retention. Exactly what we wanted!

Virada has helped me to turn around my biggest overhead – my staff, into my biggest asset.

Contact us to discuss what results you could get in your business.


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