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Individual successes for our delegates

Virada training leaves delegates more confident about their abilities and about their interactions with customers and their team.

Here are some examples of personal successes:

This watch was an upsell from £7,650 to a very respectable £16,750 by not judging what the customer could afford.

The training led to a £111K sale with an additional sale of £142K.

The day after the training I made the biggest sale of my career.

The week after the training, I made the biggest sale I’ve ever made in 20 years (£175,000) and at very little discount.

Within six months of the training, my individual gross profit has risen by 102%, the number of items sold increased by 141% and I’ve been promoted.

The main thing I wanted to achieve from the training is to increase my average price of sale: which I have, by 110%.

The day after my training, I sold three quotes in four calls. To say that I’m also new to the job is amazing.

My ability to tackle feedback and coach my team has given me a new confidence. It’s no wonder that their performance has really  improved.

My confidence grew and I’ve now been promoted to manager!!

The difficult situation I was facing completely changed: simply because my view of it changed.

Because I learned how to take responsibility, I feel more in control, and more motivated. My results have jumped to a completely different level.

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