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How to focus a customer interaction

In communication, EVERYTHING MAKES A DIFFERENCE: a tone of voice, a word, a behaviour; even silence is communicating a message.  Everything influences your customers to THINK and FEEL in a certain way.  So it’s important for sales and service people to be aware of all the elements which impact on the success of the customer interaction.

For top sales and service performance,  there should be a focus on three elements:

  • Self
  • Customer
  • The interaction

Be aware of self

A customer can pick up on signals. Therefore, your people need to be aware of how they’re thinking, feeling and behaving during the interaction.

Focus on the customer

Each customer has a unique set of needs, motivations and behaviours. Buyers also have a unique buying decision process.

Top sales and service performers listen for and observe those subtleties, then adapt their interactions. The customer recognises that they are the focal point of the communication and this creates trust.

Manage the interaction

Customers also want progress to be made.  Top sales and service providers are proactive. They direct the interaction, giving the customer a feeling of real confidence.

An emphasis on all three elements creates a quality experience for your customers. For your business, it creates a point of difference and enables you to attract and retain more customers.


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