Audio-based TRAINING

Inspiring training through the learners' ears
On-demand | Anywhere, anytime | Any device

Training by audio – the next BIG thing

The demand for learning content that’s easily accessible anywhere, anytime is increasing, as people listen at home, at work, or whilst travelling.

Forward thinking organisations will recognise the opportunity of this trend and incorporate training by audio within their programmes.

We can provide or help you to create training in audio format for your people.

Research shows worldwide demand for audio content...

460 million

podcast listeners
and growing

How you can use training by audio

Training by audio is a practical way to deliver training – your people can simply listen using headphones or ear pods and listen to the content again and again.

Here are just some of the topics that can be delivered by audio.

Reinforcing training
Building core knowledge and skills
Interviews with top performers
Training resources for new starters
Sharing best practice
Training for specific topics
Providing manager’s guidance
Support training tools for managers

Access our audio-based training

Our own audio-based training can be accessed from our platform or yours. We’re happy to send you some audio clips for you to listen to.

  • Content that’s inspiring, credible and proven.​
  • Engaging delivery and production.
  • On-demand, choose when your people learn.
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Bite-sized sessions, yet content has depth.
  • Can be accessed again to reinforce learning.
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examples of our audio content
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We can create audio-based training for you

We can create customised audio-based training that works for your organisation.

Your choices include:

  • We can write the script, guide you or use yours.
  • Different voice overs, we present or you do.
  • High production or natural, informal clips.
  • Choose the tone and feel.

Talk to us about what you’d like to achieve from audio-based training. We’ll be happy to get creative.