Comedy Training Videos

The power of using comedy in training

Learning through laughter

We all know that laughter is a good thing , but did you know that:

  • Neuroscience research reveals that humour activates the brain’s dopamine reward system?
  • Cognitive studies show that dopamine is important for motivation and long-term memory?
  • Educational research indicates that correctly used humour can improve retention?

But to get the benefits of using comedy within training, it HAS to be done well. Find out how you can access our comedy videos to use in your training, or we can write and create videos for you.

See below, samples of our comedy productions:

Language habits to avoid

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Sounds like a parent talking to a child. And it’s not always consciously done.

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Choices, choices, can lead to confusion, annoyance and other ‘side-effects’.

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Formality on ‘autopilot’ isn’t always right, yet it’s often the default approach.

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Frustrating is the words and phrases that lead to ‘Stalemate’. No progress, no hope.

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Overuse of adjectives on ‘autopilot’ can sound WAY too superficial.

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Weak words can leave people ‘up in the air’.

Training habits to avoid

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Taking it and themselves way too seriously.

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Wanna-be Guru

Style over substance – a legend (in their own mind).

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Content and approaches from decades ago. Just lazy.

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Flaky and Fluid

Evolving, off-piste, unclear – with no focus on the objective.

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Promises a great offering, but open it up and it’s just not enough.

More to come

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