Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke and innovative sales and customer service training programmes

We’ve had the pleasure of working with clients on interesting projects and we seem to have developed the knack of making what seems complex, into something that’s manageable.

If you’re looking for something different, let us know.

Examples of our creative programmes...

  • A premium interiors brand with multiple stores across the UK

    Opportunity - To build and maintain a consistently high-level of customer experience across the brand and to develop managers into coaches.

    Solution - Creation of a bespoke training programme for leaders, retail teams and other roles across the business; incorporating varied approaches to training delivery.

  • Shopping centres and department stores

    Opportunity - To train thousands of sales and service teams in the art of interacting with culturally diverse customers.

    Solution - Design and delivery of open seminars to be attended by different brands and multi-cultural audiences.

  • One of UK’s leading housing associations

    Opportunity - To ensure consistency of service and management across the housing association.

    Solution - Design of customer service, management and induction programmes and delivery across multi-functions, roles and departments.

  • Leading provider of premium domestic appliances

    Opportunity - To develop customer service and sales skills within the business.

    Solution - Create a bespoke programme and deliver it to teams within the retail outlets and customer contact centre.

  • A supplier to independently owned convenience stores

    Opportunity - Develop levels of client satisfaction, increased business and achievement of productivity targets for the business development team.

    Solution - Create an analysis of and method of sharing best-practice within the business team, design and delivery of three ‘two-day’ courses for the Business Development Teams and provide support for the Executive Team.

  • Global Footwear brand, with a head office in Mallorca

    Opportunity - Achieve consistency of sales and customer experience across the international retail teams.

    Solution - Create inspiring and thought-provoking training in sales, for international audiences attending conferences in Mallorca.

  • Provider of insurance to trade union members and charitable organisations

    Opportunity - Achieve increased levels of customer satisfaction, retention and productivity.

    Solution - Design and delivery of eleven courses over time, to be delivered to managers and advisors within the head office and contact centre.

  • A leading, fast-growing franchise business

    Opportunity - Provide sales and management support for franchisees across the UK.

    Solution - Design and deliver a programme for busy franchisees and their teams. And create a sales process and standards of sales and service that achieved consistency across the business.

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