About Virada and our sales, customer service and management training courses

We’re proud of our training and the impact that it has, but look at what others say…

‘We want you to be reassured and confident in our capability and expertise. We’re immensely proud of our training, service and innovations but don’t take our word for it. Check out the comments in this section.’

Natalie Pitt,
Operations Director of Virada

Questions asked about Virada

A business consultancy interviewed our clients and there were some interesting answers…


How would you describe Virada?

“Finding Virada was like finding a golden nugget. They are up there with the best of training providers.”

“Outstanding. Extremely happy. World class!”

“Committed group of enthusiastic professionals/innovative, original, dynamic, loyal, respectful, their dedication and excellence.”

“Fantastic. Completely satisfied. They’re flexible to make changes and have improved our performance.”


What makes Virada training effective?

“I’ve never worked with anyone who is so clear about the goals to achieve and then going for it. We now have a perfectly designed course.”

“We love their passion and they provide beyond of what I expected. They have credibility with the audience and are knowledgeable about theory and practice.”

“They understand the business, get respect from people, they understand the ethos and challenges of our people and deliver in a practical way.”

“Everything they do is effective: Knowledgeable/flexible/know what they’re doing/well thought through/well delivered/motivating.”


If Virada was a car, what would it be?

“It would be an ultra-modern, latest version Bentley – with the latest techniques/principles and ideas.”

“Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang. SO much more than we’d ever expected.”

“A pick-up truck. Picks you up and takes you exactly where you need to be.”

“A Formula One car: Elite training, latest innovation and technology, aerodynamic to streamline the issues and inspires the desired performance to get results where it counts.”

Comments about our content and courses

Here are some comments from clients who’ve experienced our courses.

Comments about our training design

“Debbie is the most…there is no adjective to describe how good she is. Perfect at designing and writing and explaining it face-to-face, very attentive to detail. To score her writing capability – out of 100 – it’s 150.”

“You have to be the best training designer in the whole of Europe.”

“As a trainer, I truly enjoyed this training. It’s concise and to the point, but most importantly the structure is so well thought-out, every message we give to the group builds on the previous one. Again: Thumbs up to the Virada Team for the conception of this great programme!”

Comments about our sales courses

“I’ve been in selling for 25 years and I’m a bit set in my ways and have developed bad habits – but didn’t recognise them. This course was great at opening my eyes.”

“I’ve been in the business all my life and have attended many sales courses. This one has more depth and is more thought provoking than any other.”

“What have you done to David? He’s come back to the office a different person, with his shoulders held high.”

“Knowing it’s within my power will revolutionise the way I sell.”

“It’s changed my approach dramatically and this is my 20th year in sales.”

Comments about our customer service courses

“Made me think about customer service in a completely different way.”

“I’ve had lots of training but not covered anywhere near the depth or scope, so I’ve learned loads.”

“Incredibly interesting, especially the customer psychology.”

“Best training I’ve ever experienced. An eye opener.”

“Everyone dealing with customers and suppliers should do this.”

Comments about our management courses

“My ability to tackle feedback and coach my team has given me a new confidence. It’s no wonder that their performance has really improved.”

“The difficult situation I was facing completely changed: simply because my view of it changed.”

“Because I learned how to take responsibility, I feel more in control and more motivated. My results have jumped to a completely different level.”

“Oh – my goodness, I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve that problem for years. What you’ve said, changes everything. Wow.”

“What you said really worked. My staff now respond to what I’m asking them to do, positively. It makes everything so much easier.”

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