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Building resilience
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the human touch
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Customer Service today

People in customer service roles today tell us that their biggest challenge is dealing with customers’ expectations and frustrations. Our training focuses on the small things that count and the mindsets that help the customer and provider to feel in control.

Customer Service training options

  • For new or experienced people
  • For those providing service: face-to-face, by phone or in writing
  • Online video-based course, virtual or in-person

Choose when your people learn - training by video & audio

  • On demand training – engaging video & audio
  • Inspiring, credible delivery, content and production
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Can be accessed again and again, to reinforce learning
  • Resource for managers, to build support skills
  • Pre-recorded content or customised for you

Example course agenda

Here is the agenda for our award-winning customer service course, or we can create a customised course for you.

  • 1

    Customer service today – what it’s really all about

  • 2

    How to BE in control and help the customer to FEEL in control

  • 3

    Everything counts – mindsets, body, six aspects of your voice

  • 4

    Managing the interaction, building trust and credibility quickly

  • 5

    Language habits - words that work, words that don’t and why

  • 6

    Apologies, empathy, validation, responsibility and moving to action

  • 7

    Presenting solutions positively, authentically and with responsibility

  • 8

    Complaints and managing difficult interactions with confidence

  • 9

    Developing a ‘stand-out’ experience and creating loyalty

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