Transform your training

Online video-based courses
Video/audio content
Ready-made or customised

The increasing power of video

People’s desire to learn independently, at their own pace and to prefer an engaging, visual method of delivery has increased.

Video content is now consumed by billions and it’s a growing trend. Video is now an important part of our lives and is a preferred way to learn.

Time to incorporate video as a key way to train people. Use it to capture interest, attention and engagement.

Get people as excited about training as they are for the next Netflix series

  • Inspiring, credible delivery, content and production
  • On demand training; choose when your people learn
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Can be accessed again and again, to reinforce learning
  • Resource for managers, to build support skills
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How to keep people engaged with on demand video training

  • Bite-sized sessions
  • Inspiring presentations
  • Engaging imagery
  • Different voices
  • Real scenarios
  • Practical advice
  • Written tips
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Want something different? We can customise video training for you

It’s one thing being able to design training. It’s another being able to create and produce training via video. We can do both.

We’ve created and delivered award-winning courses for 100’s of organisations AND we’ve created high quality training videos.

We can partner with you to create your own customised video training that works for your organisation. Your choices include:

  • Topic of your choice
  • Different presenters or even your own people
  • Different voice overs  
  • High production or natural clips
  • Choose the look and feel

Talk to us about what you’d like to achieve from video training. We’ll be happy to get creative.

Provide audio training content quickly and practically

A very quick, effective and flexible way to deliver and reinforce training messages is to provide audio training content.

  • Realise the power of subliminal learning
  • Choose when people listen – at times to suit
  • Access a new way to reinforce training messages
  • Use as a training tool for managers
  • Ask us to create personalised audio content for you

Tell us what training you need to deliver and we’ll come up with audio training options for you.