Sales training

Selling for today's customers
Doesn't feel
like selling

Selling today

Sales people tell us that their biggest sales challenges are objection-handling, customer indecision or closing the sale. And we know that today’s customers don’t like to feel like to be ‘sold to’.

Our training focuses on the small things that count and the mindsets that help the customer and sales person to feel in control.

Sales training options

  • For new or experienced sales people
  • For those selling face-to-face or by phone
  • Online video-based course, virtual or in-person

Choose when your people learn - training by video & audio

  • On demand training – engaging video & audio
  • Inspiring, credible delivery, content and production
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Can be accessed again and again, to reinforce learning
  • Resource for managers, to build support skills
  • Pre-recorded content or customised for you

Example course agenda

Here is the agenda for our award-winning sales course, or we can create a customised course for you.

  • 1

    Sales and buying psychology - the key to effortless sales success

  • 2

    Natural ways to engage customers and manage interactions

  • 3

    Everything counts – mindsets, body, six aspects of your voice

  • 4

    Language habits - words that work, words that don’t and why

  • 5

    Focused, multi-level questions that feel like a natural conversation

  • 6

    How to introduce, personalise and manage presentations

  • 7

    Helping with indecision using pace, voice and advanced listening

  • 8

    Six types of objections; how to handle each and provide reassurance

  • 9

    Effortless ways to create the sale, develop trust and build the relationship

Check out some sales increases

Examples from sales people after receiving our training.

£ 142 K
Additional sales
£ 175 K
Biggest sale of career day after the course
102 %
Individual gross profit rise
101 %
Revenue increase
141 %
Number of items sold increase
110 %
Average price of sale increase
102 %
Individual gross profit increase
20 %
Increased conversion rate
75 %
Conversion rate jump

What people say about our sales training