Virada In-Person delivery

Virada In-Person training

Let us know if you’d like an in-person approach for small groups or for larger audiences.

We’ll recommend the best format and best trainer for your needs, your people and your organisation.

Three delivery options...


Small groups: classroom courses or presentations

Choose a small group format to:

  • Provide training or presentations in a personalised format
  • Have a high level of interaction
  • Encourage team-building
  • Share ideas and best-practice

Can be delivered at your organisation or a different venue.


Large groups or seminars

Choose this format to:

  • Give a clear, consistent message to larger numbers
  • Save on costs compared to multiple smaller groups
  • Save time – deliver the message faster
  • Create energy, enthusiasm and networking opportunity

Can be delivered at your organisation or a different venue.


Keynote events

Choose this format to:

  • Inform large audiences
  • Give a consistent message
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Provide networking opportunity

Let us know about your event and we’ll come up with ideas.

Access powerful courses

We’ve uncovered what creates a top sales performer. Learn ALL our secrets about how to interact with today’s customers authentically and with focus, leaving them feeling like they’ve been helped to buy; NOT sold to.

The biggest challenge we hear from customer service teams is: ‘Dealing with customers’ expectations, demands and frustrations.’ We reveal how to be in control of ALL customer interactions; the smooth ones and the rest.

Managers must be multi-talented chameleons, juggling priorities and tasks with the needs of their team, yet they have so little time for training and coaching. We show how managers can create confident and empowered individuals.

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We love talking with our customers and quite simply, anyone that shares the same love of learning that we do.