Online, video-based,
on-demand courses

Virada’s proven, award-winning content now available on online video-based courses

People’s desire to learn independently, at their own pace and to prefer an engaging, visual method of delivery has increased. Video content is now eagerly consumed by billions; You Tube use has skyrocketed and Ted Talks are a popular way to get inspired.

Video is now an important part of our lives and is in fact, a preferred way to learn.

This is one of the reasons why we’ve developed our new online video-based courses. These enable your people to access award-winning and proven content, giving them all the same experience and achieving real consistency.

What is an online video-based course?

  • Presentation by video, using an engaging, topic expert
  • Delivery is supported by visuals, captions, audio and voice overs
  • Pre-recorded, so learning is self-paced, on-demand, available anytime
  • Accessible on any device
  • Can be watched again and again to build skills and confidence

About Virada's online video-based courses


Created and presented by experts

Many online courses are presented using animation, with an unknown narrator, or actors or presenters who lack credibility and real-life experience of the topic.

Our founder Debbie Barrow has created our programmes and leads the delivery of our online, video-based courses on sales, service and management courses.  She’s a credible expert, able to engage learners at all levels.


Training content has depth, is effective, credible and practical

Award-winning, proven content

Twenty years of success; based on years of experience, research, interviews, observations and assessments of people in the world of sales, customer service and management. Our content is proven to work, resulting in multiple awards.

Right level of depth

We say ‘no’ to ‘superficial or quick-fix’ approaches. Our training focuses on how to interact successfully with people. To do this effectively requires an understanding of the nuances, the qualities, mindsets and skills involved.

Accessible to teams with different abilities

Our training has been created over many years and we’ve ensured that people are able to reach all levels of skill, attitudes and experience. So you can be confident that the same training will provide consistency across the organisation.

Self-paced, bite-sized lessons

Lessons are in bite-sized sessions. Available anytime, anywhere and at the learner’s pace. Each lesson ends with a clear set of actions to carry out.


Engaging and flexible format for learners

Video and audio

  • Helps to develop engagement
  • Creates relatability
  • Provides teaching explanations
  • For demonstrations


  • Modular, bite-sized sessions
  • Captions aid processing and inclusivity
  • Clear key points and messages
  • Actions for the learner


Video-courses as support for managers

  • Managers can be assured that training can easily be accessed by their team, to fit around other activities.
  • Managers can be confident that all their team have had the same learning, building consistency
  • Managers can use the video-training to build their own skill, confidence and ability to role-model.
  • Managers can use the video-based courses for follow-through training.

Access powerful courses

We’ve uncovered what creates a top sales performer. Learn ALL our secrets about how to interact with today’s customers authentically and with focus, leaving them feeling like they’ve been helped to buy; NOT been ‘sold’ to.

The biggest challenge we hear from customer service teams is: “Dealing with customers’ expectations, demands and frustrations.” We reveal how to be in control of ALL customer interactions; the smooth ones and the rest.

Managers must be multi-talented chameleons, juggling priorities and tasks with the needs of their team. Yet they have so little time for training and coaching. We show how managers can create confident and empowered individuals.