Four of today’s training delivery challenges

Problems with delivering training
Do you relate to any of these?

Problems with time, resource and budget

  • Little resource or time to set up, deliver and manage training
  • Operational challenges that get in the way of training
  • Difficulties training new or remote-working staff
  • Managers who struggle to develop their teams
  • Demands on your training budget

Problems with some on-line courses

  • Doesn’t always meet the need.
  • Lack of credibility of content, presenter or training approaches.
  • Outdated approaches, visuals and animation.
  • Over-reliance on reading content.
  • Use of superficial messages, lacking depth.

Problems with some webinar delivery

  • Hard for people to stay engaged.
  • Can be technical issues.
  • Requires co-ordination, set-up and communication.
  • Can impact on operations.
  • Sometimes hard to control and get balanced learner input.

Problems with classroom training

  • Time-consuming; requiring much set-up. 
  • Costly: training provider, rooms, accommodation, travel and staff cover.
  • Hard to achieve consistency if multiple groups are trained.
  • Challenge for delegates to remember content.
  • Can take time to deliver if large numbers are trained.
Elliot Barrow
Production Manager of Virada

The challenges of engaging learners

“Being (dare I say it), a younger member of the Virada team, I had a number of experiences of online courses before joining Virada.

It was hard to keep engaged during some online sessions. I noticed how ‘basic’ or outdated the messages were. It sometimes seemed just like a ‘tick-box’ exercise.

The Millennial and Gen Z generations are used to finding out information fast, questioning things and learning independently. Sometimes there are lower attention spans than some (how can I say it), of the more ‘experienced’ team members.

It’s my quest to produce methods which help make our training engaging for all learners, the new, the experienced, the eager and open-minded and the ones who question whether they should be trained at all. Challenge on!”

Sam Pitt
Research and Development Manager of Virada

When ‘bite sized’ training doesn’t work

“The world today is full of sound bites and a ‘get it done fast’ mentality. Whilst there’s a lot that can be achieved by getting things done faster, it doesn’t always work with training.

Courses advertised as: ‘Learn how to give effective feedback in ‘three-minutes’.  This kind of training often leaves people confused.  People need to understand the ‘What if’s’.

Feedback in three minutes? What happens when the manager has no idea about how to handle any push-back from the team member?

We like to create training that provides the depth needed to create real understanding and real skills.”

Natalie Pitt
Operations Director of Virada

We’ve listened. We know the challenges.

“We listened to our clients as they explained their challenges and we acted. We spread our net wide and researched on-line courses in the UK and overseas. We looked at formats, platforms, software, engagement and assessment methods and also presentation approaches.

We participated in on-line courses ourselves to see how effective, credible and engaging they were. We experienced the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly.’

At the forefront of our minds were our clients and our learners who’re used to our high-quality training.

We’re so happy and excited that we’ve created a solution to the training problems for our clients and other organisations.”

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